Bladeless Cataract Surgery in Mumbai

Eyes are like cameras. While looking on an object light rays will pass through the cornea and then to the lens to reach the retina. In the retina there forms the image of the object and then passes the signal to the brain. The brain process the image and thus we see an object.

Cataract : A Vision Thief

Cataract is the accumulation of protein in the lens which makes the lens cloudy. When the lens become cloudy, it will prevent the light to pass through it clearly. This causes the vision loss. The cataract may effect very slowly and its effect is very worse.


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Causes of Cataract

One of the main cause of cataract is aging. When a person ages, The proteins in the lens will break down and thus the lens became cloudy and rigid.
There are several other reasons that causes the lens to became cloudy. They are

  • High diabetes.
  • Exposure of eyes to sun rays or x-rays for a long time.
  • Earlier eye injury/injuries.
  • Smoking.
  • Iris inflammation.
  • Genetic disorders like down syndrome, myotonic dysrophy etc.
  • Diseases like hyperthyroidism.
  • In babies – Infections like herpes, rubella etc which is effecting during the time of pregnancy can leads to cataract.

Symptoms of Cataract

The earlier symptoms of cataract includes,

  • Halos around the bright object or around bright lights.
  • Improvement of nearer vision temporarily.
  • Fading of night vision.
  • Need for brighter lights.

Treatment for Cataract

cataract eyes

Only a surgery is the solution for cataract. The surgery is done to remove the lens that is effected by cataract, instead of this lens a new lens is placed during the surgery.

Technology has made several changes in the cataract surgery also.
The latest cataract surgery is bladeless. It doesn’t need any injection, stitch or patch.. This surgery can also correct the vision which is lost due to cataract.