Sadly, many children with visual development disorders are mislabeled, misdiagnosed or mistreated. As a result, child and his family suffer needlessly. KRISHNA VISION THERAPY is about putting an end to needless suffering. They have helped many of children and families go on to lead happier, healthier and more productive lives.

Highly trained, experienced vision therapists

Though they work with the wide variety of vision problems, their specialty is working with visuo-cognitive difficulties, often described as visuo-spatial, visual perceptual or visual processing disorders. They tailor their approach to the child’s particular needs, to remedy his or her condition in the most positive and nurturing way. The staff is well-trained and highly experienced with autism, PDD, ADD, dyslexia and other so-called learning disabilities. They see children who have not yet learned how to use their eyes and vision correctly and have not integrated their visual skills with the rest of their senses and movements. These difficulties are often not observed until second or third grade.