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7 Signs You Need to Visit An Eye Specialist Right Now

7 Signs You Need to Visit An Eye Specialist Right Now

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7 Signs You Need to Visit An Eye Specialist Right Now

We tend to neglect our eyes and think of an eye check-up only when we start facing certain issues with vision or some discomfort. However, the case should be the opposite. Adults must indulge in annual visits to the ophthalmologist without fail.

According to medical experts, the main goal of an eye exam is to detect eye problems before symptoms emerge and become out of control rather than just determining whether you have poor eyesight. In fact, your doctor can identify health problems like diabetes early during your eye exams.

Here are a few signs you should see a doctor for your eyes right away:

You suffer from frequent headaches

If you get pounding headaches often, it’s highly possible that your eye is the cause of it. Working with electronic devices for an extended period of time in extremely dim or bright lighting may be the source of this problem. Corrective lenses are used to treat changes in vision that occur gradually. To determine the source and implement fast fixes, you must consider consulting an eye doctor who can tell you about the needs of eye in you

Overly tired or hurting eyes

While it is common for your eyes to suffer after a full night of work, persistent weariness is a sign that something is wrong. An eye doctor can give you the essential treatment or medication if the issue is frequently the result of dryness or persistent overexertion. Do not ignore these symptoms, as the underlying problem can be serious and vision threatening.

Eye Infections

If an eye infection is contagious, it might get worse and possibly spread more quickly to others. Eye infections can cause redness, discharge, extreme light sensitivity, pain and burning, as well as blurred vision.

Conjunctivitis is the most typical infection of the eyes. Most commonly known as pink eye, this eye infection is characterized by intense redness and discharge from the eye, which makes it difficult for you to open your eyes in the morning because of the sticky residue. If these signs persist or keep exacerbating, it clearly indicates that you need a doctor for eyes immediately. He will examine your eyes closely and prescribe appropriate eye drops or antibiotics.

You observe haloes or floaters

Viewing floaters or haloes also are the signs you should see a doctor. These microscopic dust specks stand out when close to a light source, such as an open window or the sky. While having a few of them isn’t unusual, you should immediately consult a doctor if you see a rise in them.

While it is common to see more floaters as you get older, a rapid rise could indicate retinal injury or damage. Similar to this, if you notice rings or halos surrounding light sources like light bulbs, it could indicate that you have a cataract.

You cannot see clearly at night, or your vision is blurry

Although momentary blurry vision may occur, particularly if you have just woken up, been awake for a long time, or consumed certain medications, persistent blurry vision is a sign that your eyesight may change. Similarly, the inability to see anything at night suggests that your eyes’ natural lens strength has diminished and that you may require corrective lenses. Blurring of vision can be due to several eye conditions. Immediate eye check-up is advised.

Dry eyes or Itchy eyes

Long-term screen use and seasonal allergies both have the potential to dry up and bother our eyes. It can also mean you have dry eyes. Numerous non-invasive in-office and at-home treatments are available for managing the chronic illness known as Dry Eye. Without much delay, schedule a visit with your eye doctor to determine whether you are suffering from Dry Eye or Allergic Eye Disease.

Double Vision

Double vision or Diplopia can affect one eye (monocular) or both eyes simultaneously. Astigmatism, Dry Eyes, or Keratoconus are three few conditions that might result in monocular double vision. It is crucial to schedule a consultation with your eye doctor as soon as possible because double vision can also be brought on by abnormalities in the cornea, lens, retina, nerves, brain and eye muscle squints

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