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Lasik and Refractive

Lasik Surgery in Mumbai

Laser vision correction is a safe, short, and painless procedure that reshapes the cornea and removes the eye’s refractive errors, such as short sight, long sight, and astigmatism. In addition, this helps to get rid of glasses and contact lenses. LASIK surgery is customized as per the patient’s needs. No injection, stitch, or patch is required for this procedure.

Krishna Eye Centre is the best hospital for LASIK surgery in Mumbai. Our refractive surgeons are highly qualified and experienced. They perform both conventional and bladeless LASIK.

For a LASIK eye surgery in Sion, the patients are selected after a stringent pre-operative assessment which includes a detailed eye examination with specialized tests for Corneal Topography, Aberrometry, and Pachymetry. The patients are counseled and assured of quality before the refractive surgeon performs the LASIK / Femto-LASIK (bladeless) procedure at a conveniently located LASIK center.

The post-operative management is brief. LASIK surgery is your key to a spectacle-free world.

Krishna Eye Centre is one of the most visited clinics for  LASIK surgery in Dadar, Mumbai, and is highly revered for offering confidence, competence, experience, and safety.



How is LASIK done?

It is an outpatient surgical procedure. In a typical LASIK eye surgery, the eye is numbed with topical anesthetic eye drops. Then, an eyelid holder is placed between the eyelids to keep them open and prevent the patient from blinking. The patient is supposed to stare at the blinking light throughout the procedure.

Other Refractive Surgery

LASIK eye surgery is the most commonly performed refractive procedure. However, some patients suffer a very high refractive error, and their cornea is not suitable for Lasik. In such circumstances, ICL implantation is performed instead of LASIK Surgery. A posterior chamber Collamer lens is implanted on top of the natural crystalline lens to achieve spectacle freedom. 

Krishna Eye Centre is one of the most renowned clinics for LASIK surgery in Mumbai. Our centers are conveniently located at Sion, Dadar, and Parel. Our doctors(Best Lasik Surgeon in Mumbai) are known for their compassion and discreet approach to the patients. You can book your appointment with us beforehand if you are looking for LASIK treatment in Parel, Dadar, and Sion.

Lasik Surgery FAQs

How Does LASIK Surgery Work?

Lasers are utilized during LASIK eye surgery to specifically treat refractive defects that lead to vision issues. Our ophthalmologist in Mumbai at Krishna Eye Centre carries out the procedure using laser and modifies the curvature of your cornea to ensure proper light absorption by your retina.

Am I a candidate for LASIK Surgery?

You could be a good candidate for laser or refractive eye surgery typically if you meet the following criteria:

  • 18 years old or older
  • stable prescription for glasses and contacts for at least two to three years
  • stable vision for the past year or more, at least.
  • There are no past or present signs of an active corneal illness.
  • No severe ocular or medical conditions
  • No discernible dry eye
  • Not a nursing mother
  • Prescription for eyeglasses within the bounds established by your ophthalmologist

If you are looking for the best eye hospital in Mumbai for Lasik surgery, contact Krishna Eye Care Centre.

Am I too old to have LASIK Surgery?

There is no set upper age limit; instead, it depends on each person’s eye health and visual requirements. Patients who do not have a cataract or any other organic causes for their vision loss and who have no medical contraindications to LASIK can do so without risk.
For an in-depth consultation, consult our ophthalmologist in Mumbai at Krishna Eye Centre.

Does LASIK Surgery Hurt?

Your surgeon will administer antiesthetic eye drops before surgery to numb your eyes. Laser eye surgery like LASIK is typically painless. You might feel pressure in your eyes during the process, but this is improbable.
If you are a candidate for Lasik eye surgery in Mumbai, Krishna Eye Centre is the one you can rely on.

What Should I Expect After LASIK Surgery?

You should be able to see objects in the distance you previously couldn’t see as soon as possible following your LASIK eye surgery. You will be prescribed some eye drops, which you need to follow diligently.
While it’s likely that your vision will start out blurry and foggy, it should settle and start to clear up within the first few days of surgery.
Consult Krishna Eye Centre – the best eye hospital in Mumbai for more details on lasik eye surgery.

Is laser eye surgery permanent?

By permanently removing corneal tissue during LASIK surgery, the eye is reshaped to correct and remove the glasses. The bodily effects are long-lasting. You should be aware that LASIK does not treat many age-related vision disorders, and that the eyes can continue to change with time. For instance, LASIK has no effect on presbyopia once it develops or prevent it from happening.

When can a person get back to work after undergoing the LASIK procedure?

It is common for people to return to work the day after undergoing LASIK. However, every person is different and it is important to follow your doctor’s instructions and give yourself enough time to heal. It is also important to avoid rubbing your eyes or engaging in any activities that could cause harm to your eyes during the recovery period. You should also avoid wearing eye makeup or engaging in any activities that could cause your eyes to become contaminated, as this could raise your risk of infection.

Can both eyes be treated on the same day?

You can get LASIK on both of your eyes at once (both eyes don at the same time). However, there are some situations where doctors or patients would decide that it is best to wait between eyes to assess the outcomes. Patients who are hyperopic for LASIK do not have the same incredibly quick visual recovery that myopic patients do. As a result, some surgeons favour performing separate operations on each eye. Patients should talk to their ophthalmologist about their alternatives.

What is the range of power that the LASIK technique can treat successfully?

LASIK is a highly effective procedure that can correct a range of farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism. The exact range of power that LASIK can treat successfully will depend on the specific device and techniques used, as well as the individual patient’s eyes. In general, LASIK can correct refractive errors with a range of up to 12 diopters. 

What if I blink or move during the procedure?

If you blink or move, the laser will pause, wait while it readjusts and start working once it has reached the proper location. The quickest way to allay your fears is to say that blinking or moving will not change how the surgery turns out.

Why Krishna Eye Centre for Lasik Surgery in Mumbai?

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