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Delaying Cataract Surgery

Delaying Cataract Surgery? Here is why you shouldn’t!

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Delaying Cataract Surgery? Here is why you shouldn’t!

Age-related health concerns, such as vision impairments, have become more prevalent. Although cataract surgery is a simple solution for this prevalent problem in older folks, some people find it unsettling. Should you avoid a cataract for a long time? Does delaying cataract surgery cause serious harm? 

Let us answer all those questions for you in this article!

What are cataracts, and how do they occur?

A cataract is a clouding of the natural lens in your eye. It seems cloudy, murky, or less vivid because proteins in your lens break down. Our eyes have a natural lens inside of them. To aid with vision, the lens bends or refracts light rays entering the eye. If you have a cataract, your lens has grown clouded even though it should be clear. It’s similar to gazing through a dirty or foggy car windshield. Although mild cataracts may not show any symptoms, as they progress, cataracts can alter your eyesight.


Effects of cataracts that come with delayed surgery

Delaying cataract surgery might lead to various dangers:

Delaying cataract surgery causes the grade of the cataract to progress. Delaying cataract surgery might be a dangerous treatment, depending on the type and degree of the cataract. More energy is required to emulsify the hard lens, which could harm the nearby structures. 

Other intraoperative issues, such as wound burns, lens bag rupture, longer surgical duration, loss of lens support, etc., are more likely to occur. Additionally, surgical problems like elevated eye pressure and corneal edema can occur.

Increased pressure and inflammation inside the eye might result from a cataract’s progression. Both can result in a total, irreversible vision loss if not treated immediately.

The vision of many elderly adults with severe cataracts is impaired in low light. As a result, they run the risk of falling or being injured as a result when using the restroom at night. It was discovered that the cataract and ensuing poor vision were to blame for 60% of fractures in elderly adults.


Outcomes of delayed cataract surgery

You can postpone this treatment for a while because it is not urgent. However, you should consider having the operation done as soon as possible if it interferes with your daily activities, such as night driving, reading, fine work, etc.

If delayed or ignored for a long time, it may worsen and result in the following problems:

Your daily activities will be impacted: The cataract grows fairly gradually, but if it progresses, it can hinder your daily activities. For example, it’s possible that you won’t be able to do simple things like reading a newspaper, crocheting, using gadgets, etc.

Incapability to drive at night: A cataract’s initial sign is poor night vision. Driving at night gets difficult as a result.

Delaying cataract surgery has the additional risks listed below:

  • Glaucoma
  • Weak vision
  • Random headache
  • Inflammation in the eye 

Due to the risks and issues mentioned above, you shouldn’t put off or postpone having surgery because doing so will reduce your quality of life and productivity. A certified and experienced ophthalmologist should perform the procedure for the best results.

Common reasons why cataracts are avoided

Surgery-related anxiety: The procedure is believed to be hazardous and painful. Thanks to technological advances, most cases no longer require stitches or sutures to close the minor incision. The day following surgery, you can return home and continue your regular activities. However, you must still refrain from bending over or lifting anything heavy for up to a few weeks following the treatment. 

Cataract surgery must be done only if it worsens: The procedure is more challenging if the cataract is not removed right away. The longer you have a cataract, the firmer it gets, making surgery more difficult and increasing the likelihood that vision will not be restored. It takes more effort and agonizing to remove a cataract when it has hardened too much. This extra energy may cause a crisis with slow visual recovery. In addition, it’s possible that you could get additional negative side effects, like corneal edema.

We can manage cataracts: Cataracts can make an active lifestyle more difficult. For example, driving can be challenging at night. You can no longer engage in regular activities like reading, driving, and hobbies like weightlifting, cardio, and swimming due to low vision. If you keep putting off getting treatment for cataracts, the side effects could get worse.

To sum it up: Should you be avoiding a cataract operation?

Due to a delay in procedures, cataracts, the most common age-related eye ailment that causes 51% of blindness worldwide, has become a growing problem. Over the past six months, increased cases of mature cataracts have been recorded due to the lockdown and virus fear. 

As soon as you notice cataract symptoms, make an appointment with your ophthalmologist; he will be able to advise you on how to proceed with therapy. Your eyesight may be in danger if you postpone treatment against your doctor’s advice. Consider the high success rate of cataract surgery. Further, we have mentioned some dangers associated with avoiding cataract surgery.

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