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Glaucoma: Myths and Facts

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Glaucoma: Myths and Facts

Glaucoma is a disease that affects the eye’s optic nerve and can potentially cause blindness. Despite this, there are many misconceptions surrounding the condition. This article will address some glaucoma facts and clarify some misconceptions.

Myth #1: Glaucoma mainly affects the aged.

Fact: One of the main facts about glaucoma is that the chances are higher in the elderly, but it can strike anyone at any age, including babies. To ensure that Glaucoma is discovered early, it is crucial to undergo routine eye exams even when you are young and do not appear to have any eye problems. Glaucoma vision loss cannot be reversed; hence early detection is essential.

Myth #2: The symptoms of Glaucoma are obvious

Fact: The most prevalent type of Glaucoma, open-angle Glaucoma, rarely manifests any symptoms or warning signs until it is too late and vision has been lost. Contrary to popular belief many times higher ocular pressure do not cause pain. Since peripheral vision is the first to go, patients with Glaucoma may not notice the vision loss until it has seriously affected their ability to see. A thorough eye exam is the only approach to identifying Glaucoma.

Myth #3: Good vision means I don’t have Glaucoma.

Fact: This is not true. Many cases of Glaucoma do not show symptoms, and vision may remain clear until advanced stages, earning it the nickname “silent thief of sight.” As a result, people can be surprised to receive a diagnosis of Glaucoma. The earlier the disease is diagnosed and treated, the better the long-term outcome.

Myth #4: I won’t develop Glaucoma because no one in my family does.

Fact: Although having a family history of Glaucoma increases one’s risk of developing the eye condition, many people with the disease do not have any affected relatives. All individuals with Glaucoma must have their relatives checked for the disease since, in some cases, a family history may not exist because no one was ever thoroughly screened for it.

Myth #5: Glaucoma only develops if my intraocular pressure is high (IOP).

Fact: While high intraocular pressure (IOP) is a common symptom of Glaucoma and is unquestionably a risk factor, many patients may never have elevated IOP but yet have a severe form of the disease called “Normal Tension Glaucoma.” Conversely, ocular hypertension is the condition in which some individuals with high IOP do not develop Glaucoma.

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Myth #6: There is no treatment for Glaucoma; hence there is no sense in receiving it.

Fact: Glaucoma treatment can halt the disease’s course and stop additional vision loss, but already lost vision cannot be restored. Since Glaucoma is a degenerative condition, ongoing monitoring and treatment are necessary to prevent blindness. Receiving proper care from a glaucoma expert rather than a regular eye doctor is crucial.

Myth #7: Preventing Glaucoma is not possible.

Fact: The only approach to prevent Glaucoma is to have routine eye exams since Glaucoma can be detected and treated early enough to prevent serious vision loss or blindness. This is why regular, thorough eye checkups, including glaucoma testing, are crucial.

Myth #8: I have no alternative options if medication and eye drops cannot treat my Glaucoma.

Fact: When Glaucoma cannot be controlled by medicine, surgical and laser procedures are available and should not be postponed. Laser treatment is strongly advised for specific varieties of Glaucoma, such as “Angle Closure Glaucoma,” which is very common in India and, if neglected, might cause the disease to worsen to the point of total blindness. Glaucoma patients should speak with a skilled and experienced surgeon to fully understand their choices, including surgical and laser therapies that regular eye doctors might not know.

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