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Amblyopia or Lazy Eye in Children

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Amblyopia or Lazy Eye in Children

Amblyopia or Lazy Eye in Children

Amblyopia is commonly known as lazy eye. Amblyopia means poor vision in an eye that could not develop normal sight during childhood. This can happen in both the eyes as well.

If the brain has not received clear images from the weak eye, it starts neglecting this eye. The eye is then said to be amblyopic or lazy as vision does not develop to its potential.

Common causes of Amblyopia

  • refractive errors such as short sightedness, long sightedness or astigmatism
  • large difference in spectacle powers between the two eyes
  • strabismus or squint
  • Obstruction or deprivation of vision by droopy eyelid,cataract, any corneal opacity or other eye diseases.


Successful treatment depends on how severe the Amblyopia is and the onset of deprivation of vision.

  • SpectaclesThe child should be encouraged to wear his or her spectacles as much as possible throughout his waking hours if he or she is being treated for Amblyopia
  • Modified patchingPatching the good eye for few hours to force the lazy eye to work may be advised in few children. Patching requires a tremendous amount of cooperation and understanding by the parents, teachers and peers.
  • Pharmacological treatmentSometimes we prescribe some medications to help the amblyopic eye see.
  • Vision therapyIndividualized computerized programmes, sometimes with help of prisms are aimed to remove the suppression in the brain towards the lazy eye and enable the brain to acknowledge impulses sent to it from that eye.

Advantages of vision therapy in the treatment of Amblyopia

  • works on both eyes, so develops binocular vision and 3D or stereo vision
  • helps in adult Amblyopia reversal
  • shorter treatment time span or quicker rehabilitation
  • Longer retention or no regression so it’s a onetime treatment modality.
  • Better compliance and acceptance



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