Timing: Monday - Saturday - 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM


Comprehensive Eye Checkup


Complete Routine Eye Examination, including a computerised refraction with digital phoropter, intra-ocular pressure and slit lamp examination for anterior segment and retinal examination is carried out.

Krishna Eye Centre is well equipped with all the necessary instruments to diagnose and institute first line treatment of most common eye diseases. It offers Comprehensive Ophthalmology services that include a full range of medical and surgical eye care. When a medical condition so indicates, the consultant will refer the patient to the care of the appropriate Ophthalmology sub-specialist.


Patient is 1st examined for refractive errors using the i.Profiler Plus and Huvitz Phoropter.

Anterior Segment evaluation is then carried out with Slit Lamp Bio Microscope followed by recording of intra-ocular pressure with the help of Applanation Tonometer.

Dialation of the pupil(if needed) is done and then retinal evaluation if carried out using indirect ophthalmoscope or +90 Dioptre lens.

After the above procedures additional diagnostic tests are carried out based on the patient’s specific requirements for e.g. Corneal Topography, Optical Coherence Tomography(OCT), IOL Muster etc.

At the end appropriate medication and / or glasses are suggested to the patient. Patient can opt for customized glasses uniquely designed for each eye with the help of i.Terminal 2 (i.Scription technology). i.Scription technology not only takes care of the spectacle power but also handles other visual parameters like ocular aberrations, centrations, etc.