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stages of retinoblastoma

Through Their Eyes: Understanding the Different Stages of Retinoblastoma 

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What if I told you that a simple eye exam could save your child’s life? That’s right, a routine check-up of your child’s eyes could reveal a hidden danger you may not even notice. We are talking about retinoblastoma, a rare and aggressive eye cancer that affects young children. 

This blog will provide information on retinoblastoma, from the symptoms to the treatment options  

What is Retinoblastoma 

Retinoblastoma is a rare type of  eye cancer that affects young children. It happens when the nerve cells in the retina develop genetic mutations that cause them to grow uncontrollably and form a tumor. It can cause partial or total blindness in the affected eye. It is life threatening when it spreads to other organs like brain , spine . 

Retinoblastoma can cause vision loss, eye removal, and even death if not detected and treated early.  

What Are The Types of Retinoblastoma? 

Retinoblastoma can be classified into three types based on whether it affects one or both eyes and whether it is inherited or not. 



This is when the cancer is found in only one eye. It is the most common type, making up 60% to 75% of all cases.  

This type usually has no known cause, but in some cases, it may be due to a genetic mutation that occurs in the child’s eye cells. 


  • White reflection in Centre of eye (Pupil)  
  • Redness/Swelling/Pain 
  • Bulging/ Prominent Eyeball 
  • Squint (Eye Deviated to one side) 
  • Uncontrolled eye movements  


This is when the cancer affects both eyes. It makes up 20% to 35% of all cases and is almost always inherited from the parents. (Due to mutation in RB1 Gene) 


This is a rare and very aggressive type of retinoblastoma that involves both eyes and a brain tumor in the pineal gland. This type accounts for 5% of all cases and is always inherited.  


If you notice any of the mentioned symptoms visit an eye specialist immediately to confirm the diagnosis. Following test may be advised  

  1. Eye Examination 
  1. Ultrasound Scan 
  1. MRI Scan / PET Scan 
  1. Blood Tests  

Retinoblastoma is a serious eye cancer that requires immediate attention. The sooner you start treatment, the better your chances of recovery 

Treatment Options : Depends on the stage of the disease  

  1. Chemotherapy 
  1. Radiation Therapy 
  1. Laser Therapy 
  1. Cryotherapy 
  1. Surgery (Enucleation) 

The treatment is directed with an aim to get rid of the cancer save the eye and vision to extent possible, save life of the child  

Counselling :- 

  1. Genetic testing can help determine whether other family member are at a risk 
  1. Testing for biological siblings – Eye Examination and blood tests  

Prevention :-  

It is not possible to prevent retinoblastoma, hence an emphasis on regular eye examinations for children.  

Consult Krishna Eye Centre for Retinoblastoma Treatment 

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Md. Oliullah Abdal


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