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Accelerate your cataract surgery recovery

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Accelerate your cataract surgery recovery

A cataract is an eye condition in which the transparent eye lens becomes cloudy, thus reducing the amount of light entering the eyes and resulting in blurred and hazy vision. Since the eye lens permanently becomes cloudy, cataract surgery is considered permanent and only cataract treatment.

Cataract surgery is done by removing the cataract lens and replacing it with an IOL (artificial lens) Cataract surgery is very safe and effective for visual clarity. Here’s more about cataracts, when you need cataract surgery, and recovery time.

Symptoms of cataracts

Some of the common symptoms are

  • You will feel a cloudy build-up in your eye lens.
  • Your vision will become foggy.
  • You will start losing your vision.
  • Your eyes will form double or multiple images.
  • Your eyes become sensitive to bright lights.
  • You cannot see in low light, especially during the night.
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What happens in cataract surgery? 

Before your surgery, your Cataract surgeon will check whether you are a candidate for cataract surgery. Your vitals will be checked.

During cataract surgery, ophthalmologists remove the cloudy lens and replace it with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). 

First, the surgeon uses anesthesia to numb the eye and surrounding area. Then, he makes a small incision in the cornea. A thin opening in the transparent capsule that surrounds the natural eye lens is created Then this is broken into small fragments with the help of a laser.

Once the fragments are removed, the artificial lens is inserted in the place of the eye lens. The natural eye healing will close up the incision. The surgery is usually completed in 10 to 15 minutes.


Advanced laser treatments for cataracts

The Most Common popular, time-tested, and safe technique for cataracts is phacoemulsification.

Cataract surgery recovery time 

Recovery after cataract surgery can vary from person to person, but most individuals experience improvement in vision very quickly.

The visual system only takes a few hours to adapt to the removed cataract lens and adjust to the artificial lens (Intraocular lens).

Most people notice an improvement in vision within a few hours after surgery. In few vision can take a bit to stabilize Some may take several weeks to stabilize the image entirely.

An average healthy person will recover in a week.  

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How to accelerate your cataract surgery recovery?

Doctors will prescribe medicated eye drops to prevent infection and control inflammation. Doctors will schedule follow-up visits to evaluate your vision and check for any complications. 

It is important to note that recovery time varies depending on factors such as overall health, surgery complexity, and any pre-existing eye condition. Rest after surgery as recommended by your eye doctor

You have to follow some guidelines:

  • Avoid activities that strain and put pressure on your eyes, which include watching TV or gadgets for long hours, heavy lifting or intense physical activity.
  • Use doctor-prescribed eye drops to prevent infection and healing.
  • It is crucial to protect your eyes from injury and wear protective eyewear.
  • Avoid rubbing or touching your eyes which can cause infection and displace intraocular lenses.
  • Take precautions with water exposure to prevent infection. Avoid activities directly exposing water to your eyes, such as swimming and hot tubs.


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