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Importance of Routine Eye Checkups

Importance of Routine Eye Checkups and Its Procedure

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Importance of Routine Eye Checkups and Its Procedure

We don’t realize the importance of a particular thing until it starts deteriorating severely or gets
damaged completely. Similar is the case with our eyes.
The eyes are one of our most crucial sensory organs. We keep ignoring the fact that like other body
parts, the importance of eye care too is paramount. This is why most of us are unknown to certain
vision-threatening diseases or our diminishing level of vision.
It is always advisable to undergo eye checkups at regular intervals.

What is the importance of regular eye checkups?

eye exam

Avoiding eye issues

You need routine eye examinations to find out if you have major or occasionally “silent” issues that
could compromise your eyesight. An eye exam allows you to be certain that your eyes and vision are in
good condition and alert you about age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, and
refractive errors at an early stage.

Detecting other diseases

In addition to protecting your vision, routine eye exams can aid in the early detection of conditions like
cancer and diabetes. Numerous genetic diseases in infants can be identified at birth with an eye test. In
addition, major illnesses, including hypertension, high cholesterol, heart issues, or thyroid-related
issues, might be detected during an eye exam.

Maintaining eye health

If you are aware of the importance of eye care, you will also understand the importance of maintaining
the overall health of your eyes. The eyes are exposed to several variables in daily life. Therefore, it is
challenging to keep your eyes healthy. Don’t wait till they begin to deteriorate. To safeguard your eyes
and maintain eye health, it is crucial to see an eye specialist to learn about eye relaxation, a good diet,
and apt screen time.

Detecting genetic factors

Genes significantly influence vision in eyes that may otherwise seem healthy. Thus, correcting inherited
eye problems might be aided by early diagnosis. Eye exams are crucial for diagnosing genetic eye
abnormalities such as strabismus, colour vision issues, amblyopia, glaucoma, and refractive errors,
keratoconus among others, so you can receive the best possible care.

Tracking eye prescription

A yearly eye exam can determine whether you need to wear glasses to correct your eyesight. Using
eyeglasses is a simple technique to improve your eyesight and correct refractive problems. If you
already wear glasses, you should get checked if any change in your prescription because your eyesight
may vary over time.

What is a routine eye care procedure like?

At Krishna Eye Centre, our eye specialists carry out meticulous and detailed eye checkups for all

Krishna Eye Center Infrastructure

The procedure may include a combination of the following tests:

Medical History

● Doctor just enquires about the eye complaint that brought you to the clinic.
● The doctor asks you about your past medical, and surgical history and concerns with your eyes
and general health.
● He may inquire about your current medications and any family history of the disease.

Visual acuity

● Your vision will be tested for both close and distant objects. If found to be lacking, you will be
given a prescription for vision corrective lenses or spectacles.

Eye Pressure

● A non-contact tonometer or a contact device is used to measure your eye pressure.

Slit Lamp Exam

● You will be asked to see through a slit lamp, which is a microscope with integrated lighting.
● This gives our doctor a magnified view of your eye’s structures

Special Tests

● Our eye doctor may request special tests if they suspect the presence of an eye disorder.
● These tests aid in the diagnosis and treatment of the suspected eye disease.

Krishna Eye Centre lays importance on eye care and regular eye checkups

Krishna Eye Centre is known for its competence in the field of eye care. Our extensively experienced
team of eye specialists offers comprehensive routine eye checkups for kids, adults, and seniors.
Besides, we work with you through the entire course of treatment ensuring the greatest care that
enhances your vision and quality of life.
Contact us to schedule routine eye checkups and to discuss other specific eye problems.

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