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9 Useful Eye Care Tips When Working From Home

9 Useful Eye Care Tips at home that you may follow while working

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9 Useful Eye Care Tips at home that you may follow while working

Maintain a safe distance between your devices

Many people have a wrong habit of using their digital devices by holding them up very close to their eyes. Such people are more likely to develop eye problems, especially when combined with long hours of work from home. Whatever the device, keep it at a distance of about 50-100 cms from your eyes.

Reposition your screen

Your screen’s placement is more important than you realize. Indeed, it has a significant impact on how your eyes feel at the end of a long day at work. When working on a computer, keep it slightly below your eye level. This will relieve strain on your eyes and alleviate the need to bend your neck or shoulder.

Practice the 20-20 rule

This is one of the fundamental rules of good eye health that every worker should be aware of. Every 20 minutes, look at an object for 20 seconds that is at least 20 feet away from you. This allows your eyes to relax and rehydrate while also reducing stress. Using the 20-20 rule to take regular breaks is an excellent way to reduce eye strain and maintain a good work-from-home eye care routine.

Have ample lighting in your room

Your room’s lighting is more important than you think. Inadequate lighting can put a significant strain on your eyes. Excessive lighting, on the other hand, can strain your eyes and cause pain, as well as lead to vision problems. That is why it is pretty vital to ensure that the lighting is just right. It is simple to determine the appropriate amount of lighting. Simply ensure that your eyes are comfortable and that you can see clearly.

Blink enough

Since you spend so much time in front of your computer screen, you should make an effort to blink frequently.

The problem is that when you use digital devices, your blink rate decreases, which can cause dry eyes. Blinking keeps your eyes moist and oxygenated, which helps prevent dryness and discomfort. It also delivers nutrients and other substances to your eyes, keeping them healthy.

Be sure to wear your prescription glasses

Our eye specialists in Mumbai also insist on regularly wearing your prescription glasses. Working without prescription glasses is the most unfavorable thing you can do to your eyes. Simply put, prescription glasses improve your vision while reducing eye strain. If you skip your glasses on a daily basis, there are chances that you may lose your vision eventually. So why take all the risks? Simply put your glasses on.

Utilize computer glasses

Computer glasses are frequently recommended to reduce glare. They have an anti-reflective coating that reduces glare and increases comfort while working for long periods of time. If this is a problem that you encounter regularly, it is worth a shot after consulting with your eye doctor.

Maintain correct posture

Keep your back straight, your wrists a bit elevated rather than resting flat on the keyboard, and your feet flat on the floor. Slouching or crouching over your keyboard can strain your back muscles. Also, keep your laptop or computer screen at arm’s length or 25 inches away from your face. The screen should be about 10-15 degrees lower than your eye level. This is much more soothing to the eyes than looking straight across or upwards.

Go for annual eye examinations

An optometrist or ophthalmologist can diagnose eye problems before they rob you of your vision by comprehensive eye exam.

Why would you go to an eye doctor if you have perfect vision? Wrong! Many eye-related issues do not always become apparent to us right away. As a result, it is best to undergo annual eye exams to be sure that your eyes are in good working order.

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