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Adult Amblyopia / Lazy Eye in Adults

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Adult Amblyopia / Lazy Eye in Adults

Amblyopia / Lazy Eye is poor vision in one eye or both eyes when the eye does not develop sight in its dull potential during childhood due to several causes it is termed medically as Amblyopia.

It is more appropriate to say Lazy Brain rather than lazy eye. This is because the eye has failed to send clear image to the brain which eventually starts neglecting the messages being sent o it from the particular eye.

Common Causes of Amblyopia:

  1. Uncorrected Refractive error: when long sight, short sight or astigmatism has not been corrected by use of spectacles during childhood. The images received by the brain form that particular eye are blurred and brain cannot develop.
  2. Large difference in spectacle power between the two eyes.
  3. Squint
  4. Obstruction or deprivation of vision by droopy eyelid, cataract, any corneal opacity or eye disease.

Very often, during a routine eye examination, the adult is awakened to the fact that one of his eyes is not seeing well. Thereafter state his hunt for modalities to set this lazy making.

For decades the answer has been disheartening and many such adult amblyopes end up being told nothing can be done to reverse the amblyopia or that he has missed the critical age during which vision develops in the eye. However, there is good news as adult amblyopia can now be reversed by certain new modalities of treatment.

Steps of Management Of Adult Amblyopia:

  1. Correct the refractive error by getting a correct pair of glasses
  2. In case of patients with large difference in spectacle power between the two eyes, the first aim is to equate the power by whichever means available to us keeping the suitablulity of two eyes in mind.. Contact lenses, LASIK surgery, ICL surgery, and all methods give good results and are safe procedure in meticulously chosen eyes.
  3. Correction of squint surgically or through vision therapy(eye physiotherapy)
  4. Correction of droopy eyelids, cataract, corneal opacities.
  5. BYNOCS Vision Therapy: Vision therapy is the hero of our treatment for adult amblyopia. It is similar to physiotherapy. Through a set of individualized computerized exercise sessions, the brain is first awakened to the impulses from the lazy eye. A medical term called Suppression in the brain is reversed. Once this is achieved, the brain is able to acknowledge the impulses sent it from the lazy eye.

Advantage of Bynocs Vision Therapy in Treatment of Adult Amblyopia:

  1. It works on both eyes thus by developing binocular vision and 3D or stereo vision.
  2. The treatment is short and gives quicker rehabilitation.
  3. Longer retention and no regression so a onetime treatment modality.
  4. Better compliance and acceptance.



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