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Things to know before undergoing a Lasik Eye Surgery

Things to know before undergoing a Lasik Eye Surgery

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Things to know before undergoing a Lasik Eye Surgery

Vision is a basic requisite for leading a normal day-to-day life. Light rays must pass through your cornea and lens for you to see clearly. Light is bent by the cornea and lens, so it settles on the retina. Light is converted by the retina into signals that are then translated into images in the brain.

However, when you have refractive defects, your cornea or lens’s shape prevents light from bending properly. Your eyesight becomes hazy when light is not focused properly on the retina.

In such cases, an ophthalmologist can correct your vision using Lasik surgery that alters your cornea’s shape. Laser eye surgery enhances the focus of light on the retina. In fact, Myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism can all be treated with LASIK.

Thus, people must know about Lasik eye surgery benefits, the factors to be considered pre-surgery, and other nitty-gritties.


What are the factors to be considered before Lasik treatment?

Learn about your surgeon: Find out how many successful procedures your surgeon has performed, as well as his or her experience level. Select a licensed physician to treat you.

Learn about the risks associated with LASIK: You should inquire from your doctor about the risks associated with Lasik surgery as this is a surgical procedure that involves a crucial organ, the eye.

Inquire regarding surgery: You should enquire about every last element of Lasik surgery to prevent surprises and concerns.

Know about the healing process: Learn how long you should wait before engaging in physical activity, such as playing sports or wearing makeup.

Obtain details regarding the refractive error: If you have extreme myopia, you might need to have the refinements surgery again. The likelihood that a patient will need refining surgery increases with the degree of myopia.

Observe the preoperative instructions: Your doctor might tell you to stop wearing the contact lenses. Patients who wear soft contacts should cease wearing them two weeks before surgery, while those who wear hard contacts should stop wearing them three weeks prior.

Analyze if you are a strong candidate for this procedure: Not all applicants are suitable for this therapy. Your eligibility for Lasik surgery will be determined by a thorough ocular evaluation and some special tests.

What is the best age to get a Lasik?

At any age, Lasik surgery has positive results. But several factors, such as:

Lasik surgery for 18 years old: It is advisable that you wait a few more years for the optimum results because your eyesight is constantly changing up to the age of 20. Stable eye spectacles over two years is the first requirement

Lasik surgery for 25-40 years old: The stability of contact lens and eyeglass prescriptions at this age is good, which is a requirement for a good candidate for Lasik.

When you are between the ages of 40 and 55: If you are a non-smoker, in good health, and have no previous medical conditions, you may undergo Lasik surgery. Also chances are that your near vision reading glasses will remain.

After the age of 56: There is a considerable likelihood that a person may develop cataracts. Lasik surgery is not advised if there is development of cataract.

What are the benefits of Lasik eye surgery?

Apart from corrected vision, there are many other Lasik eye surgery benefits. And here are some of them:

Painless procedure

It may sound a bit uncomfortable or frightening to imagine a laser cutting into one’s eye but not as much as you might anticipate! Your surgeon will instill numbing eye drops before the operation. These eye drops have the same texture as other prescription or over-the-counter treatments. They do, however, have a local anaesthesia that numbs the eye.

Instant results

The day after surgery, patients should notice a significant improvement in their vision. After surgery, some people might not even need to wear glasses. Others may still be required, but considerably less so than in the past. The day after surgery, patients can return to their regular routines. For around 2 weeks, they should avoid swimming and applying eye makeup.

Boosts self-confidence

Imagine no more fogging of spectacles with the masks on or when you get out from Air Condition rooms or AC Cars

After LASIK, you won’t have to be concerned about how you appear when wearing glasses if you are self-conscious about it. You’ll also experience increased ease and spontaneity.

Besides all of the above, after LASIK, you can even engage in sports with much more comfort. No more eyewear! You won’t need to adjust your frames or be concerned about breaking them.

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