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Absolute Glaucoma

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Absolute Glaucoma Definition: Absolute glaucoma is the final stage of glaucoma in which increased intraocular pressure results in permanent vision loss or blindness. Characteristics absolute glaucoma Final or end stage of glaucoma Total loss of vision Treatment is focused on reducing pain and keeping the eye comfortable Risk factors of Glaucoma progression to Absolute Glaucoma […]

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ADD/ADD and Vision

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ADD/ADD and Vision Some children with learning difficulties exhibit specific behaviors of impulsivity, hyperactivity, and distractibility. A common term used to describe children who exhibit such behaviors is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Undetected and untreated vision problems can elicit some of the very same signs and symptoms that are commonly attributed to ADHD. Due […]

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Adult Amblyopia / Lazy Eye in Adults

By : on : September 10, 2019 comments : (Comments Off on Adult Amblyopia / Lazy Eye in Adults)

Adult Amblyopia / Lazy Eye in Adults Amblyopia / Lazy Eye is poor vision in one eye or both eyes when the eye does not develop sight in its dull potential during childhood due to several causes it is termed medically as Amblyopia. It is more appropriate to say Lazy Brain rather than lazy eye. […]

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Advanced Management of Glaucoma

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Advanced Management of Glaucoma Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness worldwide and remains a significant problem with very less curative options. The recent scientific research has been trying to develop pharmacological agents and surgical procedures to control intra ocular pressure but vision loss associated with glaucoma still remains a challenge. There are new […]

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Age Related Macular Degeneration AMRD/AMD

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Age Related Macular Degeneration AMRD/AMD WHAT IS ARMD? Age related macular degeneration or ARMD is the degeneration of one macula in the central part of the retina. (The light sensitive screen at the back of one eye) that allows one to see fine details. ARMD is the common cause of vision loss in those over […]

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Amblyopia or Lazy Eye in Children

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Amblyopia or Lazy Eye in Children Amblyopia is commonly known as lazy eye. Amblyopia means poor vision in an eye that could not develop normal sight during childhood. This can happen in both the eyes as well. If the brain has not received clear images from the weak eye, it starts neglecting this eye. The […]

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Angle Recession Glaucoma

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Angle Recession Glaucoma Definition: Angle recession glaucoma (ARG) is a secondary open angle glaucoma that is characterized by recession of anterior chamber angle. In simpler words, ARG is group of ocular disorders that occur due to blunt trauma to the eye and result in abnormal elevation of eye pressure (intraocular pressure (IOP)), and increased risk […]

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Anterior Uveitis

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Anterior Uveitis Definition: Anterior uveitis is an inflammation of the front or anterior part of the uvea, the iris. Characteristics of Anterior Uveitis Onset is generally acute that means the disease begins suddenly and patient notices symptoms within hours to days Respond well to the treatment and usually not lead to any significant vision loss […]

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Autism and Vision

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Autism and Vision What is Autism? Autism is a neurobiological disorder. People with autism have difficulty processing and responding to information from their senses. They also have difficulties with communication and social interaction.   Symptoms of autism can include lack of reciprocal social interaction, delays in development, and inappropriate response to sensory information. Visual Problems […]

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By : on : July 15, 2019 comments : (Comments Off on Cataract)

Cataract When we look at any object, light rays pass from the object through the transparent cornea and the clear lens to strike the retina and form an image. The retina then relays the image to the brain through a set of wires called as optic nerve. What is Cataract? For normal vision, it is […]

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