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benefits of laser operation for eyes

Why LASIK eye surgery is the best way to ditch your glasses?

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Why LASIK eye surgery is the best way to ditch your glasses?

Have you ever imagined a day where you need not rely on your glasses at all? Or waking up every morning and not having to go searching for your glasses to put them on to start your day – Ahh! What a relief it would be!

Not everyone meets a friendly little alien who can cure their eyesight magically. Only a LASER operation for the eyes can make your dream come true in reality!

Although laser eye surgery may appear to be a major step, it is the most convenient and painless way to achieve clear vision and get rid of glasses or lenses. Whether you want to get LASIK eye surgery to look perfect for an upcoming family event or you’re just curious, we’ve compiled all the information you need to know about the procedure.

What does LASIK surgery do?

The cornea which is the transparent watch glass of the eye is reshaped using laser light. The reshaped cornea is able to bring light rays to focus better on the retina, thereby improving the quality of vision.

Quick Fact about LASIK

Over 40 million LASIK surgeries have been performed worldwide since 1997. So clearly, this isn’t any amateur technology that you will rely on!

How will a LASIK surgery BENEFIT you?

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A painless technique 

It is the most painless method of vision correction. Before beginning the procedure, the doctors use an anaesthetic eye drop to numb the eyes and reduce pain. Some patients may experience some eye pressure while the surgeon makes a flap on the cornea, but throughout the overall process, you will bear minimal pain or discomfort.

Most secure procedure

LASIK is widely accepted as the safest elective procedure with a low risk of complications. In fact, it has a complication rate of less than 1%. LASIK is one of the most advanced surgical techniques available today for treating vision problems.

It has the potential to produce 100 % long-lasting results if done correctly by professionals. Besides, in cases of astigmatism, the success rates appear to be the highest.

The quickest method

LASIK surgery for eyes takes only 15-20 minutes from start to finish, making it the quickest procedure available. Patients also do not need to stay in the hospital and can return home the same day if the specialists find no problems during the post-surgery tests.

You obtain a blemish-free vision

It has been observed that more than 90% of LASIK patients have 20/20 vision post Lasik operation for your eyes. Moreover, LASIK surgery has a high chance of achieving 20/25 vision or even better. You’ll be able to easily get rid of your eyeglasses or contact lenses and you can revel in the liberation of a clear, renewed vision!

Improved quality of life

LASIK eye surgery to remove glasses for your daily routine enhances your quality of life. You will have visual freedom because most LASIK patients no longer need glasses or contacts to see. With your reduced dependency on glasses, you will feel confident, much lighter, and less burdened! You’d be able to swim, watch movies from the last seat, and tell the time on the wall clock from any corner of the room.


Is there an AGE LIMIT for Laser treatment for eyes?

There is no age limit for Lasik, only stable spectacle numbers are required. 18 yrs is an arbitrary limit, but there is no upper age limit for this surgery.

The cost of LASIK eye surgery varies according to the type of LASIK surgery that is best for your eyes. It may also depend upon many other factors, such as; the type of eye condition you intend to treat with the Lasik surgery, the complexity of the process, the surgeon’s credentials and several factors alike.

For a detailed breakdown of the cost and gross expense, please feel free to contact us.

And do not worry, whatever the total cost be, it is going to be worthwhile for your precious eyes and vision!


Why choose Krishna Eye Centre for Lasik eye surgery in Mumbai?

Krishna Eye Centre is one of Mumbai’s most well-known LASIK surgery clinics, with centres at all the convenient locations in the city. Our doctors are known for their empathy and discretion when dealing with patients. We not only deal in bladeless surgeries but also ensure the systematic diagnosis of various eye problems providing high-quality eye-care regimes that go beyond conventions.

So, if you are in search of the finest LASIK treatment services, your search ends with Krishna Eye Centre. Schedule an appointment right away.

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